The Squidoo Lens Builder!!!!!


Is it worth to buy squidoo lens maker???

Seth Godin Write on squidoo blog about this.

There are people who might sell you software that ‘automates’ the generation of lenses. This is a violation of the Squidoo TOS, and we’re right now working on code that will make the software ineffective. If you build lenses this way, it will lead to them being deleted, and perhaps, your account being closed.

If we partner with someone to create a lens builder helper that’s approved, we’ll tell you on this blog and on our site. Otherwise, save your money and your lenses and avoid software like this. We want to make it easy to build great lenses, but we don’t want the site filled with junk.

UUU… useful, unique and updated. That’s the goal.


Do you think is it good for lensmaster?? To have official lens builder? Then any one can the lens builder and have number of lenses. I am against it ? What you say?

My Squidoo love will decrease if they Seth Godin allow squidoo lens builder.

Can any one explain me benefits of squidoo lens builder?

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