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While I am surfing in linkedin (my profile sweta shah) question answer I come with this question “How do I market a website?” Is the big question for website owner. So I am giving all juice of that question with additional way of website marketing.

Mostly people know about SEO and internet marketing but get confuse with

  1. Is it good to higher seo or not?
  2. How much it cost?
  3. How good that SEO professional is?
  4. They will give me result or not.
  5. and many more

Some of them want to do website marketing by own self.

So here are some tips for this to market your website in easy way.

Know your target market? And reach to them

To find targeted market for different product is different so you need to work more for market research. You need to know the environment where this market exists and the channel which leads to this market. Dig on search engine find related website and do some market research. Then try to find how you get market from this website. Try not finding topic specific, social media community or blog related to your topic. Try to search in local website too.

Page Optimization

Have proper tags in place in the home page and other pages of the website which are search engine friendly. Have proper titles to all web pages. On page optimization is important to be in proper and relevant search engine result. Click Here to read all on page optimization factors.


Submit your website to free search engines and directory, which help in promoting well.
Also submit your website to regional search engines and directories.

Article Marketing

Write unique means original article so people love it .Write articles and get them published through directories that attract your target audience. Articles will provide back links to your forum/blog/site from the author resource box as well as establish you as an expert in your field. Click Here for Best article Directories.

Commenting on blog

Start participating in all related blogs with proper identification of the site so that the visitors develop interest to visit to your site. Follow and comment on blogs that are relative to your target market. When you comment, add value to demonstrate your expertise. Comments that are strictly there to get the back link don't help your brand.
The more you reach out and build your brand on the web, the faster people will find you and your site. Click Here to get list of blog directory to find blogs


In signature use website with good call to action words

Social Media Marketing

Try to find similar group in social media community or create your own. So you can get user from their. Try to make it active. Some big communities are facebook, myspace, orkut, friendster etc

PPC – Pay Per Click

You can go for an AdWords campaign. There are lots of ppc program and best of them are yahoo, google and Microsoft. Take care in choosing keyword for your campaign. Also consider bidding competition and traffic for that keyword.

E-mail Marketing: Use your network

Find writers and designers who are willing to lend you a hand or higher them or you can also do it by your self. Ask them to write and design an (HTML email) email. Purchase a targeted list and send your email to them. Be sure that you have the resources to receive the responses - because this is a proven method. Try to locate the Venture Capitalists, especially tier 2 and tier 3 types and start sending mails to them about your site and explain them clearly the kind of help you can do. However, please note that you may send the correspondence like e-mails in a crisp fashion and never send so many to your target people as it may make such mails as spam.

Doing Research On Marketing


Market Research

  1. If you want to do marketing, you have to do research on it. For this, the best way to do this is to do Internet searches. If you type in the keywords "business marketing," you'll come up with a myriad of resources that can give you more information on this topic. Other terms you can use include "business research," "business-to-business marketing research," and "business marketing research." This is also known as "problem-identification research" If you want to find out more about this kind of research, you can also use those words ("problem-identification research") to simply find out more about the topic.
  2. To test the effectiveness of advertisements, you do research in advertising. This also lets you know how efficient ads are when they are placed in any medium. It also tells you how much customer attention each it gets, the message it really delivers (as opposed to the one you intend to send, perhaps) and whether or not it motivates customers to buy the product and how strong this urge is. "Commercial eye tracking" helps advertisers understand the visual behavior the customer is exhibiting.
  3. Web sites, ads, and the like are analyzed for these characteristics. Before an advertisement is placed into the market, advertisers can project its performance by using copy testing. This measures the customer's level of attention, motivation to buy, whether or not they like the brand, and whether or not they are entertained by the ad into consideration.
  4. When someone buys something online, he usually weighs the pros and cons in order to make his decision. This is one area in which consumer decision research is done. You can also do surveys and interviews to determine how satisfied customers are; this is called a consumer satisfaction study. Segmentation research studies the demographic and psychological makeup of those living within a particular geographical region.
  5. If you want to analyze brand recognition, brand preference and awareness, or brand performance, this is when you do ad tracking. Brand equity research helps you determine whether a customer has a favorite brand. And name testing actually measures what customers think about a particular brand name. Whether or not a brand is in demand is measured by using brand estimation.
  6. Since you also have to measure the quality of a given product from time to time, mystery shoppers employed by research firms do this particular type of measurement. A mystery shopper will buy goods through a salesperson and take down his experience. If a mystery shopper, for example, buys competitors' products, then he or she can also measure how effective a rival company's products are, thus helping to determine what and how strong the competition in the marketplace is.
  7. Before you take a concept into actual application, most marketing research companies do concept testing, to determine whether the target audience will like the idea. This type of test marketing is done when a product is introduced in limited numbers in a particular market. Then, results are observed via sales. If sales are strong, then the product is launched on a large-scale basis.
  8. After this first phase, the company may think of increasing the price of the product to more profitable levels (as opposed to simply getting people to try a product that is very modestly priced); then, a price elasticity testing is done. This shows whether customers will accept price fluctuations, namely, price increases. Marketers also have to test what retailers and distributors feel about a particular product. This is when distribution channel audits are conducted.
  9. Finally, a great tech savvy form of marketing research is called Internet strategic intelligence. Through this method, customers' likes and dislikes are measured by visiting chats, blogs, and forums to read what they actually say a particular type of product. Another way to do Internet strategic intelligence is to conduct online panels with a group of experts that accept marketing research done online.
  10. All of this type of research carried out firsthand is classified as primary research. This is original research gathered at its source. Secondary research is research that has been taken from primary research but not done firsthand. This costs less than primary research, but it's not as effective because it has been distilled from primary research.
  11. Research designs used by marketing research either comes from questioning subjects or from observational data. Quantitative and qualitative marketing research utilizes questioning to gather information. Quantitative marketing research uses questionnaires and surveys to draw conclusions from data. It usually utilizes a high number of subjects to gather the information. Qualitative marketing research uses in-depth interviews and projective techniques to gather in-depth information from a few subjects.
  12. If marketing research is based on observational data, this is called experimental techniques and ethnographic study. Test markets and purchase laboratories utilize experimental techniques by measuring the factors responsible for a product's success. This is done by using one set of factors, observing results, changing a specific set of factors and then observing the result obtained by the change. With ethnographic studies, observations are done over time, longitudinally, or with several subjects cross-sectionally, at one particular time.

Marketing research can be compared to the exit polling done in politics. The market is studied exhaustively from different angles at different times, and under different circumstances.
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Demographic Maps Increase Marketing Effectiveness


Increase Marketing through Maps

So you have finally finished your website and you are ready to turn on the traffic and start taking orders. Usually you are cautious about buying traffic, so you search around for some free methods. You learn about traffic exchanges and banner advertising, as well as article marketing and directory submissions. As you work on these methods you start to notice something disturbing: your visitors come and go without buying anything.

Free methods can work with many different types of sites, but the common ones usually only work with sites of general appeal since it is difficult to target your prospects by demographics with the free methods mentioned above. Website owners who follow the demographics of their visitors are often surprised at who actually buys from their site.

A demographic map is one of the most important tools you will use in marketing your business both online and offline. What is a demographic map? It is essentially a breakdown of who your ideal prospects are. Any time I give marketing advice I always ask people to tell me who the perfect customer would be. Many entrepreneurs get excited about their products, but forget to think about who is going to buy, and that is the most important part of the marketing plan. The best direct response marketing companies in the world have demographic maps and use them all the time. The formula has been perfected many times because they know how to identify the target market.

Ask yourself if you know whether you would rather market to single or married people, to men or women, to older people or younger people, to which region of the world, and to which interests. A demographic map can help you find the perfect customers, as long as you know who they are. I can tell you one secret that you should never forget: you will convince more people to buy by being as specific as possible. What I mean by that is do not try to reach everybody because by doing that you will end up convincing nobody to buy. If you tailor your marketing messages for a very specific group, you will be able to match their profile on multiple points with just one advertising message.

Let us suppose you chose to target young single men in the western United States, and you choose California specifically since it has the largest population on the pacific coast.

Suddenly it becomes a lot easier to identify who your customers are and what their needs are. You can choose that you want to sell to a surfer who is interested in becoming attractive to the hot young beach bunnies. With a demographic map, you will be able to reach this kind of person and hit him full speed with your advertising, a very specific ad that talks about how your product makes life better for him. The buyers will come in droves and you will be smiling as you drive down to the bank just to look at the fat profits in your account.

Article Source: My Articles Directory
About the Author: Terry Fitzroy is a professional writer specializing in demographics by city and demographics To learn more about American Demogarphics visit

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