Wordpress hates Squidoo


One more reason to get suspended by wordpress.com

No Squidoo Url In Wordpress.com

I am writing this post for sharing my experience with Wordpress.com and to make you aware with something related to squidoo and wordpress.

Last week my Wordpress.com blogs and my wordpress account were get suspended. I haven’t done anything wrong with their terms and conditions.

So I decided to email them for the support and asked them what was wrong with my blog or I am doing.

As usual wordpress.com guys are helping and co-operative.

They mention that I have put squidoo lens links and they are counted as affiliate links. After requesting they have activated my account and I have to remove squidoo links.

Oh man its new thing which I found with them. The blog I am running was nearly more than 1 year old with squidoo links. Sound strange?

But yes Wordpress.com is taking Squidoo Lens Url as affiliate links.

So take care of your wordpress blog and if it suspended ask them.

Wordtracker’s New Firefox Add-on: SEO Blogger


5- Minute SEO With SEO Blogger For Firefox

Wordtracker have launch new keyword research tool for blogger. Which is really easy to use.
Optimize your blog post easily. Now you will not feel bored in keyword research and optimizing blog post with this new SEO Blogger add-on from Wordtracker.

Chris Garrett is sharing how to optimize blog post on wordtracker blog 5- Minute Seo

Optimizing your blog post

What is your blog post about? My post in this example is about 'social media'. If I enter this phrase into the SEO Blogger pane I can see that 'social media' is searched 215 times, but also that there are the more specific phrases 'social media marketing', 'social media platform' and 'what is social media' that contain this phrase.

Enter seed keywords and phrases relevant to your article content to find the most sought-after phrases and specific variations. Ideally you would have a phrase that covers multiple searches, but you will do fine just to match what your prospects are searching for. Find other phrases that are related so that you can salt them through your article in the text and in things like alt-tags for images, and subheadings.

Save any keywords you're interested in by hitting the little "Add" links next to the phrases. This stores them in the bottom box just so you remember for later.

Now you have a list of phrases you can optimize your post for. Start with the most important phrase - this needs to go in your article's 'page title tag', on-page headline and description tag. If suitable, use some of the other suggested keywords in the body of your article, keeping the flow natural. Don't make the mistake of trying to force phrases in there.

Whilst you are writing, SEO Blogger will make a count of the number of times you use the keywords you have saved in the 'Your chosen keywords' list. These counts will be saved in the 'Used' column (see the image below):