Wordpress hates Squidoo

One more reason to get suspended by wordpress.com

No Squidoo Url In Wordpress.com

I am writing this post for sharing my experience with Wordpress.com and to make you aware with something related to squidoo and wordpress.

Last week my Wordpress.com blogs and my wordpress account were get suspended. I haven’t done anything wrong with their terms and conditions.

So I decided to email them for the support and asked them what was wrong with my blog or I am doing.

As usual wordpress.com guys are helping and co-operative.

They mention that I have put squidoo lens links and they are counted as affiliate links. After requesting they have activated my account and I have to remove squidoo links.

Oh man its new thing which I found with them. The blog I am running was nearly more than 1 year old with squidoo links. Sound strange?

But yes Wordpress.com is taking Squidoo Lens Url as affiliate links.

So take care of your wordpress blog and if it suspended ask them.

1 Response on "Wordpress hates Squidoo"

  1. Well this is something unusual which I read here. Nice to see that you have pointed out here.

    We will also take care of it in near future.