How to Research a Niche You Know Nothing About


People who are in the world of Internet Marketing might be knowing what is Niche. Everyone thinking to find out good niche for client or for themselves to achieve high traffic or to make more money.

Tiffany Dow who always comes out with great Internet Marketing Idea have created and shared a great video on How to find Niche?

Also check out the Warrior Forum Thread on this:

A/B Tester Plugin for Wordpress User


Everyone is aware of what is A/B testing? To increase conversation by comparing two different or slightly different WebPages.

Now, for wordpress user it is easier to find out among 2 which headline is best to have conversation.

This plug-in allows you to enter an alternate headline for every post on your blog. The headlines are then randomly alternated on your website until a certain number of "headline views" has been reached. At that point, a "winning" headline (as determined by the number of people that have clicked on each headline to date) is determined and that headline is shown going forward. 

Get your plugin and start experimenting with your blog post.- Headline Split  Tester

Please make sure to leave your experience in comment field.

Why Propeller is Closing down?


So you are also an active user of social news aggregator – Propeller and suddenly after login into account you found that it is closing down

Why? Its baffling there is no official announcement on any of their network. I just found the news that AOL is buying Techcrunch and had bought 5min Media and they are closing Propeller. Nobody yet aware with the reason of closing.

As soon as I find the reason I will update here so stay tune….

Yedda Power by Aol


I have talked about -  A question answer website in my past post. It is now power by AOL.

Aol Answers descends from Yedda, the Questions & Answers community we started back in 2005. It’s a place for people sharing knowledge, and for friends who value each other’s knowledge and opinions. Today, Yedda, which joined the Aol family back in 2007, is taking one more step into the Aol family by assuming the name Aol Answers.
Some things change, some stay the same. Apart from the name change, Aol Answers carries over everything we loved about Yedda – nothing else changes. Even your old bookmarks will continue to work. Read More

You can visit new website at

How To Be Successful With Linkbaiting


By Michael Baker

How to Get Visitors To Good Content - LinkBait Technique

You have written some good content and posted it on your blog. You are so proud of it, and just sit there and stare at it. Then it hits you: Will anyone else actually see this? Now you have all sorts of thoughts about how and what you need to do to get visitors to your site. The way to make this happen is with a technique called linkbait.

By definition, linkbait is any piece of content created to attract links by its awesome quality, entertaining or humorous, or usefulness value. 
Another way to look at it is by comparing it to fishing. When fishing, you put a bait on a hook and toss it out into the water. Then, you sit and wait and hope to catch something. Once something does grab that bait, they get hooked, and you reel them in. This is all linkbaiting is.

You are putting a link (hook) somewhere on the internet in the form of a cute phrase (bait). Once the person takes the bait, and clicks the link, you got them reeled in to your site.

Now, the best way I have found to be successful with linkbaiting is via the social media sites. This is a practice known as social bookmarking. And for the record, it is OK if you social bookmark your website.

Once you have written the information on your website, you can then go to any of the social network sites and bookmark that web page of yours. This is where the linkbait part comes into play.

There are different types of hooks when deciding on the title of the bookmark and the description of the content you are bookmarking.

  1. Ego Hooks - If you talk about someone in a positive manner within your articles, then those people are more likely to bookmark your site or vote it up.
  2. Humor Hooks - Humor and news always battle it out for the top hooks people want to see and click. The benefit of humor is once funny, always funny. News will eventually get old.
  3. Contrary Hooks - Try to play the other side of the fence for once. I maintain a site about organic food, and wrote a post titled: Organic Food Is Not Healthy. Of course, I referring to a report by someone who said that. I then opposed the report and dissected it, but the headline what got people to click.
  4. Resource Hooks - How To's are best here. People are always looking to learn something new or you can even use a Top 10 list. Works for late night, so why not here?
  5. News Hooks - People want to break the latest news story. This is why sites like Digg were so popular for a while. You wanted to be the first one to digg a story. And better yet, you wanted to have your story dugg. This was a huge amount of traffic if you could get to Digg's front page. So, if you have a good news story, then break it.
Those are the types of hooks. Do not mislead people. Ensure the hook is exactly what they will be seeing when they get to your website. If not, you will be in trouble of the social networking site as they will blast you.
While linkbaiting can have some SEO purposes, I do not use it as much for that.

You want traffic to the site for something, whatever it may be. Save the SEO part for a separate link building campaign you might have underway. If you are going to make this practice a part of your internet marketing business, then you need to have a call to action for the user when they get to the site. This could be anything. But just don't let the traffic go to waste. So, let's go do some fishing.

Michael Baker is an Internet Marketing Consultant and owner of WSBM LLC, a web development company located in Sylacauga, AL. He has helped his clients gain an increase in website traffic by using linkbait properly, as well as showing you how to Build Your Pagerank.

How Big is Social Media?


If Facebook Was A Country, It Would Be The World’s 4th Largest
What the f**k is the Social Media?

Watch it – you’ll find out some facts that will surprise you, no matter how engaged in social media you happen to be.

Leverage use of social  media can create visibility, brand and client.

Talk About Your Business

0 comments is the concerns article directory where one can submit 300+ word original articles about business organizations.

Pen anything on businesses linked up theme like merchandise launch, insistences release, news, about service, example study, white paper or anything about your business organizations.

You can encounter more themes to blog about businesses. Increase traffic and backlinks for free and market your website, market your product.

Google Advise To Build Quality Links


Google Webmasters officially have shared some insight tips to build quality links to your websites.

Tips to build quality links in 2010 - best practices for organic link building by Google. 

Use Social Media

Having a new website & it is not much known then get involved in the community or web2.0 website around your topic.

Use Forums & Blogs

Find forums and blogs related to your website topic. Starts contributing with thread post or comments but do not spam or solicit your website. Interact and share things in positive way.

Building reputation this way can help to attract more visitors and links.

Give Great Content

Google again emphasize “Long lasting, unique and compelling content”. A content people want to read, recommend and obliviously want to share.

Tips to Create Content - LinkBait
“something that lets your expertise shines -- people will want to recommend it to others”
Linkbait make people to link your content, earning automatic one way links.

  • Write about problems, issue, bug or error which your users might encounter.
  • Publish a short tutorial
  • Video providing solution
  • Practical tool
  • Give away Survey or original research results
These types of content also help to grow authority in community and increase visibility.

Social media services constantly growing and entertaining content is being shared in large number. Such social media sites used to start viral marketing to increase the visibility of the site.

Google webmasters also mentioned that:

“We do not recommend counting only on short-lived link-bait tactics. Their appeal wears off quickly and as powerful as marketing stunts can be, you shouldn't rely on them as a long-term strategy or as your only marketing effort.”
They also clarify that organic link building strategy is a long term effort.

Also, advice to not to uses illegitimate link building methods such as spammy methods and buying PageRank passing links.

And Link Exchange:

“Randomly exchanging links are the worst ways of attempting to gather links and they're likely to have no positive impact on your site's performance over time.”

If your site's visibility in the Google index is important to you it's best to avoid all above methods.

Have shared some thoughts on directories links

Directory submissions are mentioned as another way to build links for new websites in the Google index. Mostly use great, on topic, worthy, moderated and well structured directories which add value to the internet.

“Mass submissions, which are sometimes offered as a quick work-around SEO method, are mostly useless and not likely to serve your purposes.”
Competitor analysis

Take a look at your competitor website in the market and analyze points which might work for your site success.

And at last use social sharing button to can help spread the word about the great content on your site and draw users' attention.

Reading Resources:
How to market a new website
Google Webmasters post on Building Quality Links to your site.

Facebook Open Graph Search Engine


Facebook search results seems to more better than that of other search engine. Facebook is now plugging open graph enable pages into Facebook search results.

Understanding its working

Facebook Open graph tools is directly connected to Like button of the webpage. The method is quite different from the likes of Goolge bceacuse traditional search engine rely on an indexing system, Facebook is betting on their like button.

Here's how it works: You stumble across an open-graph enabled webpage. You Like the webpage. Now the webpage will show up in your Facebook search results. Obviously, this capability will cause more publishers to optimize their sites for Facebook, and more Facebook users to Like what they like.

Read more about Facebook Open Graph Search Result

Seo May be possible with open graph

Facebook’s Open Graph Personalizes the Web

Web Analytics Wednesday Ahmedabad


Web Analytics Wednesday Ahmedabad

Finaly Team of Internet Marketing Journal brings Web Analytics Wednesday Day to Ahmedabad. Internet Marketing Journal (IMJ) was founded by Jaydip Parikh, Kaushal Shah and Dipali Thakkar. They really work hard and now we are going to enjoy Web Analytics Wednesday to our own Ahmedabad.

Lead Speaker

Ravi Pathak,

Founder & Business Head, Tatvic (Bangalore)

Tatvic is official Google Analytics Authorized Consultant in India and having clients like Make My Trip, Cardekho and other leading portal and some prestigious International clients too.

Venue - Date & Time

14th. April, 2010, 7.00 PM Onwards

Gloria Banquet Hall

1st. Floor, Regency Tower,

Nr. Rahul Tower,

Anand Nagar – Prahlad Nagar 100 ft. Road,

Satellite,  Ahmadabad. 

Sponsors for this Event

Lead Sponsor :

YASH Infotech  (Business Partner TATA Communications Ltd.)
Diamond Partners :

InvestPlus : InvestPlus is Personal Finance Software specially Design for Individuals needs.

Datatech Media : Web Development, Design & Internet Marketing Solutions Provider

Byte Technosys Pvt. Ltd. : RIMS, On Site Support, Microsoft Solutions, Web Solutions Provider
Merchandiser Partner : : is a premier online shopping portal of India portal carrying 50 Lac products including Books, DVDs, Cars, Bikes, Mobiles, Cameras, Gifts and many more

Global Supporter : Eric Peterson Founder of

How to market a new website? – I


SEO of A New Website or Newly Created Domain

new website marketing

If you are an internet marketer or owner of a website one of a common question is how I market newly created website. (New domain)

Marketing or doing SEO of the website needs proper strategy and planning. In this post I am just going to give you first basic step which gives you proper traffic and quality backlinks.

One of the confusion to get backlinks for new website / new domain   is from where to get it because there are millions of place to submit your website to gain links. Below is the list of top website from where you get a quality link.

Time Duration: If articles are ready then 3 hours job. 
Job: Off page optimization 

Submitting Article

So, as a first part you need to have 400+ word articles, code / embed your link with proper anchor text and submit into following websites.

Remember you cant submit same article to all article directories so rewrite it, use synonyms or re – construct sentences so its look different.

Article directory will take some time to review and publish the article.

In article you can put at least 2 backlinks to your website, so its upto you which URL of your website you want to use homepage, subpage or anyother page related to you for example other article URL or social media URL.



Bookmark your website and even your articles with below bookmarking websites. There are hundreds of bookmarking websites available but try few of them on first start. 


You can find hundreds of such website which I have listed above. But I have listed only best places from which you can start marketing your new website.

Why not to do link building in excessive number. If you make lots of backlinks in some short period of time there might be chance that search engine will detect some SEO efforts and your website can get penalty.