How to market a new website? – I

SEO of A New Website or Newly Created Domain

new website marketing

If you are an internet marketer or owner of a website one of a common question is how I market newly created website. (New domain)

Marketing or doing SEO of the website needs proper strategy and planning. In this post I am just going to give you first basic step which gives you proper traffic and quality backlinks.

One of the confusion to get backlinks for new website / new domain   is from where to get it because there are millions of place to submit your website to gain links. Below is the list of top website from where you get a quality link.

Time Duration: If articles are ready then 3 hours job. 
Job: Off page optimization 

Submitting Article

So, as a first part you need to have 400+ word articles, code / embed your link with proper anchor text and submit into following websites.

Remember you cant submit same article to all article directories so rewrite it, use synonyms or re – construct sentences so its look different.

Article directory will take some time to review and publish the article.

In article you can put at least 2 backlinks to your website, so its upto you which URL of your website you want to use homepage, subpage or anyother page related to you for example other article URL or social media URL.



Bookmark your website and even your articles with below bookmarking websites. There are hundreds of bookmarking websites available but try few of them on first start. 


You can find hundreds of such website which I have listed above. But I have listed only best places from which you can start marketing your new website.

Why not to do link building in excessive number. If you make lots of backlinks in some short period of time there might be chance that search engine will detect some SEO efforts and your website can get penalty.

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  1. Search engine marketing aims at attracting maximum number of visitors to a website and also providing these visitors the information that they are looking for. Search engine optimization offers divers advantages over traditional methods of advertising. Search engine optimization is hard work in competitive markets but worth the effort.

    This is a very interesting post. SEO is the best way to market a new website. Great post.

    Thanks for the post. This is what i am exactly looking for. Will really Search Engine find SEO efforts in short period. How can we avoid that if i already did that?