Squidoo - New Topics/Category in Squidoo



Squidoo has added lots of new categories to choose. And also some categories are much inspiring. The newly added topics:

· Books - Why not showcase your favorite books!

· About me- Use this for your SquidWho, Lensography, Resume and Manifesto lenses!

· Humor - Feature your best jokes, wackiest videos and funniest lenses like the Dilbert Comic Strip!

· Home & Garden - Got ideas to decorate you home? Have some great gardening tips? Put 'em here and Design Your Own Bedroom lens.

· Religion & Spirituality -spirituality has got the hang of this topic with Spiritual Quotes and Wisdom Sayings

· Work at Home- Create opportunites for people at home with lenses.

· Green Living - Go Green – topic on saving water, earth, save electricity, Green and lots of other.

· Pop Culture & Celebs- Celebrate Pop Culture

· Squidoo How-To - Why not try your hand at a Squidoo How-To? If you are the only person who knows how to do something this is the best place. Give solution of problem in how-to. Teach someone in how to.

· Duels - Put you best Hey MonkeyBrain ! Start Fight /Discussion on those two topics.

Benefits of new added Categories:

  1. Get idea to create lens from topic name.
  2. Less competition in that new category
  3. You can shift your lens to related new category but remember when you make change in category your lens rank will not shown for some time.
  4. You can get in top 100 really fast
  5. Search engine will index your lens if the chosen category has less number of competitions.

So Enjoy Updated Squidoo.

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