Best Search Marketing Blogs

By Sharon Housley

Attempting to stay current on the latest search engine algorithm changes or
search optimization tactics can be overwhelming for webmasters attempting to
juggle it all. With this in mind, we've put together a list of the industry's
best Search Marketing blogs. These blogs are current and discuss important
issues related to search engine optimization and search marketing. Subscribe to
the search marketing blog's RSS feeds, or visit their website regularly to stay
current regarding the latest search news.

White Hat Search Marketing Blogs...

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is a hub for news and information about search engine
marketing and optimization. It regularly details how search engines such as
Google and Yahoo rank websites in their organic search listings. The site is led
by the famed search engine journalist and guru Danny Sullivan, who has been
covering the search industry for the past 11 years. Search Engine Land is
published by Third Door Media, which also produces the Search Marketing Expo
conference series, and the Search Marketing Now webcast events.

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is an authoritative guide to search engine marketing and
search engine optimization, offering the latest news about searching the web,
analysis of the search engine industry, and help for website owners trying to
improve their ability to be found in search engines.


SEOmoz is a hub for search marketers worldwide, providing education, tools, and
resources. The SEOmoz community includes more than 60,000 registered users
interested in the search marketing field.

Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts is probably the best known Google employee. He works on the Google
"webspam" team, and frequently blogs about Google and their views on various SEO

SEO Book

SEO Book is a leading SEO blog by Aaron Wall, covering the search space. It
offers marketing tips and search analysis. SEO Book is used to answer customer
questions and to offer online marketing strategy tips. In 2008, much of SEO Book
was transitioned to a membership site, offering over 100 online training
modules, tutorial videos, custom SEO spreadsheets, exclusive tools, and a
community support forum.

Wolf Howl

SEO consultant Michael Gray discusses search engine optimization, Social Media,
the Internet in general, and new media opportunities.

Black Hat Search Marketing Blogs...

Like in Harry Potter, Black Hat is similar the Dark Arts. They work, but they're
not necessarily a good thing... in the end. Regardless of whether you are a
white hat marketer or a black hat marketer, reading the black hat blogs can
bring insight and introspection about the tactics used by those search marketers
considered as having crossed the line. The following are the popular black hat
marketing blogs:


Black Hat Blog offers articles on Blackhat SEO, Linkbait, and Link Spamming.
There is also a private SEOBlackHat forum, which is a fee-based search marketing
forum that contains more information.

BlueHat SEO

BlueHatSEO is dedicated to the art of Advanced SEO. Blue Hat SEO is essentially
the study of advanced Internet marketing and search engine optimization
techniques. Blue Hat SEO covers the advanced knowledge of both Black Hat and
White Hat SEO tactics. Blue Hatters use their knowledge of the search engines
and other marketing practices to twist and manipulate them in creative and
original ways to best benefit their sites. The BlueHat SEO website claims that
the concept of Blue Hat SEO arose out of frustration in the lack of advanced SEO
knowledge made available to webmasters.


SEOcracy answers questions about how to do things like conquer new niches,
design websites, choose affiliates offerings, develop arbitrage websites, etc.
Many of the ideas introduced fall into BlackHat or BlueHat SEO.

Additionally there is a big List of Search Marketing Blogs -

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