Matt Cutts on Changes at Google

What Matt Cutts say about new Google Changes.

What other says?

Personalization and localization are here to stay, it will provide a better user experience. It’s relatively easy for the SEs to do. They already do IP mapping. Listing the cities, counties, states and countries in the service area will be more important. I’d like to see a “Turn It Off” checkbox though.

Placing higher weight on sites that contain Flash or Video is also easy for SEs. However, pulling apart an SWF file for all the different content that can be clicked just isn’t that easy. Harder yet is performing voice recognition on Video. I’m sure they both can be done but I’m thinking about the processor power required to do it. Even Google will be hard pressed considering the quantity. If the SEs rely on Meta Data, Alt’s or Comments, they open themselves up to keyword stuffing and the like. I just don’t see it happening, in the near term, on a large scale. I swap out content through scripts and AJAX so a good sitemap with all the content is very important.

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