Dream Interpretation in new technology era

[ This post is just for fun. ]

When you see Website in Dream?

Technology is getting more advance.

People can see new things in dreams - not stereo type dreams: animal, sun, moon, flower, people etc

I am writing some interpretation of E - dreams

If you see below in dreams (Website Dreams)

Search Engine

Google – Chances of finding / getting your lost thing is 90% higher
MSN – chances of finding / getting things which are similar to lost thing is good.
Yahoo – chances of finding / getting things you lost are 50%. If you see Glue pages – then you will get more more and more things.

Squidoo / Hubpages

Seeing squidoo/hubpage is not much good sign. It says that you need to do lot hard work to get single penny. You need to work more in future to get more money.

Twitter /plurk / jaiku

Oh, good sign. Lots of people will follow your advice or view. You can be famous.


Make some good karma. You are going to help someone


If you see wikipedia then truth going to come in your way. If you have search something in wikipedia in your dream, then you going to get perfect things which you desire in your life.


If you see any social networking website then in short time you are going to be part of some family / friend `s social function or get together.

Social bookmarking website
You going to arrange mashup properly, it can be a wardrobe, your life, kitchen, relation or anything.

You can turn to new career and can earn extra income.

One can also dream about wii, nintendo, laptop, black berry etc – I am working on it.

What’s your dream and its interpretation?

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