My Squidoo Love

Squidoo is better place to create one profile page. Squidoo people always come with new and fresh ideas. I always look for new idea of one page which Squidoo display on dashboard user panel.

Its really great to be a part of squidoo community. There are lot other such website which gives you chance to create a page but the different creativity which squidoo give is best.

For example do you ever think searching for Who? or creating a profile page. Squidoo Who comes at that place. Where we can create page on us or friends or any famous person or a anyone. They make us to think in this way.

There is also best, worst, ever, good etc pages which squidoo providing. Which look like newspaper.

Squidoo ebay, Squidoo Video are other channels where squidoo give us chance to use our creativity through them.

I hope every one is agree with this. I wrote only brief....

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