Origin of Yicrosoft Directory

Yicrosoft Directory

So you guessing what is this YICROSOFT DIRECTORY?

To get Yahoo, Microsoft and Google are in race. This three big IT ventures are really rocking the online marketing industry. If yahoo joined with Microsoft then guess what is the name of yahoo directory?? The name is

Yicrosoft Directory

Every one of us know how much important the yahoo directory, to get good search engine rank.

History of Yicrosoft Directory

This name Yicrosoft Directory is born on 8 pm 4th Feb. 2008 on seonoobs.com. And everybody is behind this name to get domain, blog and more and more information regarding Yicrosoft Directory.

What is Future of Yicrosoft Directory?

Future is yet to decide! Its all depends on all the contestant of seo noobs. And As I can see one person who books this name with .com domain will going to start open directory named: Yicrosoft Directory.

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