Ugliest SEO Myths

Every now and then you might come across a seo company which would charge you for submitting your website to the search engine or making your site map etc. Well these are important but certainly not necessary what so ever. Below is a list of Ugliest SEO Myths that you should be aware of:

1. Submission to search engines by using their Add Url page: This is certainly never required. You can get indexed by only getting a link from a high PR website. If you manage to get a PR7 or PR8 link then you may get indexed within 24 hours straight!

2. Building a site map: Well the main purpose of a site map is to link all your web pages from a single or multiple pages, but if you have a good site architecture where all the inner pages are linked with each other then you don’t need to bother about it.

3. Content is the king so you need to update your site regularly: Well how many times we have to say that content isn’t the king at all. The only purpose of content is to get yourself notified and separated from the crew. So write unique and quality content for making reputation and not for search engines.

4. Using H1, H2 tags for higher search engine rankings: Well even if it adds up it is very small but that being said you must use them but be sure not every header be H1.

5. Keyword and Description tags are not useful: Well keyword and description tags have become less important lately but still every small thing adds up to a huge success. It is a good practice to use them on your web pages, and be sure to have them unique for every page.

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