Wordpress blog Yicrosoft Directory is Suspended.

Bad news is also comes with good news for some people

Before 2 hours 3:30 pm (IST) time Wordpress suspended blogs which are created for yicrosoft directory – seo noobs contest.

On 3rd Feb. Seo noobs contest update. I was (I think its now going to was not isL) ranking first with yicrosoftdirectoryblog.wordpress.com, on 2nd position blogger blog and at 3rd again wordpress blog.

I search and wrote email to wordpress.com owner, till that I don’t know all contestant with wordpress blog`s account are suspended.

The big problem I got is I didn’t have my post in back up. So I am advising everyone to have post in backup. I get 2 posts back from Google cache.

I have also send email to Ryan – owner of SEO noobs so waiting for his reply.

I think the wordpress blog is suspended because it is for commercial purpose.

And we are not going to get it back.


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